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We operate under the premise that the World Wide Web is today’s venue for both small and big businesses.

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Welcome to Byte Style. If you have a problem with your website’s ranking, or if you are suffering from poor traffic, then you have come to the right place. We provide affordable and effective solutions that can allow your market to notice your brand. We provide modern and effective SEO, social media, and even copywriting solutions.


Byte Style

Byte Style is an internet marketing company in Calgary, AB. We operate under the premise that the World Wide Web is today’s venue for both small and big businesses.

Mobile web design

A lot of people today make use of their phones or tablets in order to find products online.

Build on your ranking

Ranking is important in order to get relevant traffic. SEO is a billion dollar industry today.

Email marketing

People still use their emails. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have skipped their email strategies.

Create the best content that interests the niche

A lot of websites lack updates in terms of content. This can be seen as a problem especially now that content is considered king.


We needed changes to our site when we switched from a static website to a WordPress website.  We were afraid that the change would drop our rankings on search engines, so we contacted ByteStyle as we were told they had done this before and had been able to maintain SEO rankings for clients.  Not only was our contact, Gerry, able to complete this, we found that our rankings even increased ever so slightly after the work was done.  We wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending ByteStyle for your web needs.

Shana Davis

Owner, Las Vegas Dog Boarding

Byte Style is the real deal.  I see SEO companies pop into the market and soon disappear because their dedication to hard work is overcome by a get-rich quick scheme of search engine optimization, which is a quick death for them and if you trust them a quick death for you.  Don’t get fooled by imposters – trust experts like the gang at Byte Style.

Curtis O'Leary

President, Edmonton SEO Expert

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Five Quick SEO Tips For Rental Management Websites

In order for a business to be successful today, a website is going to be needed. Creating a web page and having it hosted online is not always good enough. The site has to be optimized and managed so that it can be found on the internet and get traffic to the site. The more traffic a person has, the more likely they are to make a sale. Search engine optimization may seem like a lot of work, but it does not have to be. Here are five easy ways to turn a rental management website into a useful tool for business.

Difference of SEO from other Internet Marketing Methods

If your Internet marketer, you will often hear about SEO marketing methods being widely used and perhaps not exactly understanding what it is, and how it is different from other forms of Internet marketing methods. Once you understand what SCO is, and how to properly utilize it, you can build a very efficient and powerful marketing campaign online that will get your web page consistent traffic, rank well in these search engines, and create an engaging audience over time.

What Is SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is search engine optimization. It is the process of using keyword and keyword phrases in your online content so that search engines can find and populate your page when users perform search queries when you are playing as SEO marketing; you start by conducting research to determine the keywords and keyword phrases that are most commonly found.

Once you determine the phrases and words that the search engines have identified as most effective, you would incorporate these words and phrases into your titles, descriptions, and content of your web page that you wish to promote. The density of those keywords and phrases, the quality and uniqueness of the materials, and the relevance of the content itself will all be measured by the search engine when determining how, when and if your content will populate when a search is performed.

David Samaniego of SEO Phoenix (website: informed us “Besides the cost to have someone else perform your SEO marketing for you, there is no cost associated with this technique. That means that by performing SEO marketing, you are not purchasing any services from does the search engine for the recognition but just formatting your content so that it meets the criteria that will be favorable for selection by the search engines.”

SEO vs. PPCSEO and PP are very often confused.

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing your content so that it is recognized by search engines by using the most popular keywords and key freight This that these search engine reports. Pay per click marketing, on the other hand, is the process of engaging in business with the search engine such as Google, Yahoo or being, to purchase placements on the search engine populated results by selecting keywords and phrases that are reported to be very popular. While search engine optimization is at no cost to you, pay per click marketing requires that you agree for a cost per click that you receive from your marketing strategy. That means that if you are paying one penny for each click, and the search engine displays your page and gets 1000 clicks for you, then you owe the search engine the cost for each of those clicks.


SEO is different from SEM in that the process of search engine optimization is the usage of keywords and keyword phrases to trigger recognition by search engines. SCM is the process of search engine marketing, and which you will utilize multiple marketing strategies to pay for your web page to populate in the results when users search for content related to yours, based on the keywords and the contents of your web page.

– Guest Blog Post by Canada West IM

Social Media Marketing Basic Tips

It is crucial to use social media marketing for your business to have maximum profits. This marketing creates traffic towards the product or service you are offering making consumers understand and purchase your product. Since people are still learning on how to use social media channels effectively, here are some tips you can use to get a lot from these channels:


a) You should be able to differentiate between a fan page and a profile page to avoid Facebook shutting down your page. A fan page should be for your company while a profile page should be for your personal page

b) To make consumers understand who you are, upload a great profile picture, write your bio, and add links to other sites. Hiring PR firms to help you navigate all this can be extremely beneficial to your company.

c) Upload pictures from now and then to let people see your brand and know more about it. A picture shows a lot of details making your brand stand out unlike using a logo alone. Also, update your consumers and prospective customers, upload pictures from events, demos, conferences or any other regular events

d) You should be interactive. Therefore, you should avoid posting a lot and start asking questions or replying to their comments. This is what social media firms do to garner attention

e) It’s wise to share other people’s posts too to show that you value other people’s opinion and that you are not selfish. This is important for business

f) Connect your Facebook page to other platforms you own e.g. Twitter, Blogs etc. This facilitate other users from accessing your platforms easily

g) Using Facebook, plan for contests, events or other exciting giveaways both online and offline to facilitate traffic to your page. Participation makes your page popular among users and so is your brand in the long run

h) Form a habit of posting regularly and not occasionally. Ideally, fans accustom to regularity of posting and you should therefore keep up or else you will lose them

i) To see your success, you should use Facebook Insights to see when your fans activity increase or decrease for future campaigns or promotions

j) Be relevant by posting content that targets your audience while still adding some fun stuff too. Experts advise on using 80/20 rule where 80% is relevant content, and 20% is fun stuff


a) The first thing is getting a simple Twitter handle and a name. The two should be close to your name or brand to make it easy for users to identify you

b) Just like in Facebook, have a relevant bio that is eye-catching to your target audience. Also, you can have a profile picture to relate with what you are offering

c) Twitter is a platform where information is shared between people. Remember to be polite as it’s a virtue most users will be looking forward to see from you

d) Make an effort of listening first and then talking later to be able to answer or interact effectively. As a way of facilitating communication, you can set up columns such as Tweet Deck or Hootsuite.

e) You are also encouraged to use hashtags for conferences, events, products, keywords etc. Hashtags helps you to promote your brand while still seeing what people are commenting or saying about your brand, product, service, event etc.

f) To interact with other people and share their opinions, retweet their posts. This also shows that you like to listen to other people too

g) While interacting with other people on Twitter, make an effort of giving credit where it’s due
h) Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters, many companies recommend using URL shorteners to be able to pass all the information you need

i) Diversify with what you post. Don’t limit yourself to posts and blogs only. Include links, videos, photos, GIFs etc.

j) Try to follow other users back. It’s a good sign you are willing to interact with them


a) The first step is creating a strategy that you would like to follow when marketing your products. Having a strategy will help you avoid having a lot of blogging mistakes when you get down to business

b) Have a good editorial calendar to maintain topics, bloggers, and deadlines too. With a calendar, you can easily plan on what to post or even what you’ve posted and you avoid reposting

c) To have different styles and approaches of giving information, invite other bloggers to do writing in your blog

d) Make an effort of posting regularly and not occasionally. If you fail to post regularly, people will forget about you making it hard for you to market anything

e) To make sure that users can be able to retweet, like or comment on your posts, make sure that your ‘share’ button is easily visible

f) If you want users to subscribe to your blog, make sure that they can easily see ‘subscribe’ buttons to subscribe easily and fast

g) It is good to allow people to comment on your posts. However, you can monitor the comments before releasing them to the public to see their suitability and relevance

h) When writing a blog, include headings, subheadings and lists as well. These features caption people’s attention making them read your posts. Also, it makes it easy to read posts than having long paragraphs

i) Include visual stimulation e.g. videos, pictures, embeds, GIFs, graphs etc. to make your post informative and exiting

j) To make the blog outstanding, show off your voice in what you are writing about. This shows confidence and it’s very important when marketing a product or a service

Ways to advance your small business’s SEO

Ways to advance your small business’s SEO

Are you planning to enhance your small business’s Search Engine Optimization? In a globe that’s very much linked, your online presence is possibly amongst the most significant pieces of your small business’s puzzle.

Improving your small business’s SEO leads to higher online engagement as well as finally, more profits. Below are some ways to enhance your business SEO.

Selecting the correct keyword is equilibrium amongst engagement and originality. You need to choose words that engage a big audience, however, at the similar time, you are looking for a specific market, as well as you need to bring readers to your website. When writing the content, write with the correct keywords in mind. It must be drafted in a conversational style. Therefore you shouldn’t squeeze your keywords unnecessarily, however, ensure to slip in several keywords as you can.

page speed

Minimize your site load speed

Roland Huffman, a page speed specialist at Coronation Internet Marketing Las Vegas told us “Readers are used to websites that load within seconds if the viewers should wait for long; the chances are that the viewers will move to another website without looking at your site. Also, Google considers website load pace in its algorithm; therefore lowering your page load speed is an immediate way to enhance your small business’s SEO. Therefore you should decrease the page load pace in many ways, such as squeezing images correctly.”

Make your website user-friendly

Examine old, poorly maintained sites: they frequently have poorly written content, poor layouts as well as broken links. You must avoid all these! Your SEO agency runs a fast sweep to ensure that your website is up to date. Your firm will eliminate links that lead to 404 errors, and then overhaul your website content to be simple and smooth. Your readers can navigate the website and ensure your content, which leads to better ratings and more engagement.


mobile web design

Optimize your website for mobile users

Several people are utilizing their tablets and smartphones for a majority of the web browsing. Therefore, you must ensure that the mobile edition of your website is updated. If you aren’t certain, you can out the website on your tablet or smartphone to view if it’s simple to use. If you have troubles seeing the important stuff, then you should update your site.

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Bring in an SEO marketing agency

Doing your site’s SEO marketing on your own is tough. You should hire a search engine optimization marketing company with the expertise to enhance your site’s Search Engine Optimization exponentially. You should focus on producing your content then the marketing agency will tackle the rest.

Top SEO Trends for 2017 You May Not Know About

Top SEO Trends for 2017 You May Not Know About

Search engine optimization is a collection of methods, techniques, and tactics that are put in place to help increase the number of visitors to a website. Increasing traffic or visitors to a website is achieved by occupying a top position in the search results page of a search engine.

The following are some of the methodologies to put in place in 2017.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

accelerated mobile pages

AMPs are the friendly open-source convention that endows webmasters with the power to make pages fit for displaying quickly on mobile devices. The notion that some auxiliary changes will make your site load faster and use just an eighth of the previously used data. As of now, Google is making a point to be more supportive with websites that have switched to AMPs, giving them visibility during search results and a little symbol (with a lightning bolt) showing their AMP standing. In 2017, we’ll be seeing a lot of extraordinary partiality for AMPs in listed items.

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2. Voice Search

voice search

Given the fact that it takes much less effort to speak rather than typing a query and with mobile searches choosing to use virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri or Google Assistant we hope to see an escalation in long-tailed keyword queries, maybe more question-based searches.

3. Optimize for User Search Intent

content is king

The old phrase declared by Bill Gates that “Content is King” is still valid today. However, it is progressively more complicated to rank highly by producing sub-standard or republished content. With so much content being published online every day, the top organic SEO positions for valuable search terms are turning out to be progressively more difficult to rank for. It is paramount to create content that is unique, relevant and fresh to prevent your website from getting penalized or have any copyright infringement risks.

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4. Penalties for Disruptive Banners or Pop-ups

disruptive banners

It has been announced that websites which feature any disruptive banners or pop-ups which block the intended content behind it, may not get high search engine rankings. “This new kind of indication has been long awaited by many internet surfers, and it will considerably help users and search engines to focus on achieving the desired search results.” states Ronald Love of the Toronto SEO Company.

The accessibility of the content of a website will get worse if it includes any popup ads that block the main content or show any irrelevant ad before any access made to the content.

5. Rich Snippets

rich snippet example

They are bits of texts that usually appear under the search results in the search engine results pages. Rich snippets enable the search engines to get a better understanding of information which is contained on the web pages.

These types of snippets include:

  • Music
  • Organizations
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Products
  • Software applications
  • Reviews
  • Videos

“When you start using the structured data, your website will not automatically have search engines exhibiting rich snippets for your content. The reason for this is that Google will, first of all, assess and analyze your markup before they start displaying the rich results.” adds Ronald Love. He tweets about SEO and more on Twitter @cimtorontoseo.

You should always know that no business can survive in the current world without SEO services.

Internet Marketing Techniques for Traffic Generation

Internet Marketing Techniques for Traffic Generation

A lot of websites suffer from zero visitors. This can be a big problem if you are running a business. Traffic means potential customers. But of course, let’s understand that this isn’t always the case. There are times when traffic you get on your website is irrelevant to who you are selling your products and services to. So how do you build traffic on your website? Here are some techniques that you can use.

Build on your ranking

Ranking is important in order to get relevant traffic. SEO is a billion dollar industry today. In fact, small and big businesses are looking to get the best spot in the search result for the most relevant and in-demand keywords. The secret is to maximize Google’s algorithm.

Today, a lot of companies hire copywriters in order to deliver the best content that can be useful to the market. Useful and well written content is always seen as a good thing by Google spiders. Aside from the fact that you can get ranked, useful content can be shared on social media and can even be used as reference by other blogs. These are considered backlink that can contribute to your web’s ranking.

Email marketing

People still use their emails. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have skipped their email marketing strategies. It is important that you follow up on your market using email marketing strategies. But just how exactly are you going to build a list? First, you’ll need to offer them something for free. It can be a discount or an actual freebie in exchange of their email. Next, make sure that you create an engaging content that they’d love to read on their emails.

Social media

Social media made interaction with the market easier these days. In fact, even large corporations have managed to use social media to their advantage. It is also a venue where you can share your post with your audience. This can rack up traffic that is relevant.

Guest blogging

Another means of gaining more people to view your website is by becoming a guest blogger. How does it work? By becoming a guest blogger, you will be able to write using other people’s website. In exchange for your knowledge, you can link your website within the post.

Building traffic can be a piece of work. It takes time and effort, not to mention a lot of trial and error. What you can do is to make sure that you learn from mistakes and be updated of the latest strategies out there.

Internet Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Internet Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Businesses that lack marketing budget resort to internet marketing. Internet is where you’ll see local and small businesses prosper for several reasons. One, Google favors local and small businesses in terms of ranking. Secondly, it is an effective strategy that can match relevant searches to companies. Third, internet marketing can be done mostly on your own. But a lot of people make a lot of mistakes when they perform DIY internet marketing. In order to avoid this problem, here are some strategies that you can use.

Create the best content that interests the niche

A lot of websites lack updates in terms of content. This can be seen as a problem especially now that content is considered king. Internet requires that businesses have informative content that can be useful to their audience. Without a good content, it is impossible to get shares from your visitors, or have a good rank.

What you can do is to plan what you write on your company’s blog. Try asking yourself the interest of your niche. From here, you can build your content. Useful information is seen vital in today’s World Wide Web in order to build your company’s reputation.

Build a social media presence that is appropriate to your branding

Social media is another means of reaching your potential customers and client. But one thing you have to remember about social media is that you should be careful on what you share. It is important that you look at your branding closely. It is imperative that you build a voice that reflects what you want your company to look like. From the photos and videos that you share, to the logo you use as your profile photo, these are things that you will need to check closely if you want an effective social media campaign.

Follow up an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is an underrated strategy that a lot of people no longer use for their business. But in reality, it is considered as one of the most effective. People still make use of their emails on a day to day basis. In fact, according to experts, it has the highest ROI compared to other means of internet marketing strategies.

Mobile web design

A lot of people today make use of their phones or tablets in order to find products online. By having a website that is mobile friendly, not only does it help user experience, it can also give you the opportunity to get ranked better than other websites.

Evaluate the results of your efforts

It is important that you evaluate the results of your effort. It is imperative that you check the chart weekly or even every few days. This way, you will be able to find out which posts get the most engagement, or which ones do get the best number of shares.

If you plan on making it big in your area, with minimal expenses in terms of marketing, you can always rely on online marketing. Online marketing efforts can be fruitful if done correctly. If you are still not experienced, it is always a good idea that you study more strategies that work.